Private Martial Arts training sessions for Adults, teenagers and children designed to suit individual needs, catering for your interests.

When time, focus and quality are important to you, our highly qualified instructors pay attention to every detail to ensure you meet your goals!

How you will benefit from personal training one-on-one with a Proactive Instructor:
Your Individual Needs: Your private lesson will be designed specifically to suit you! Your Personal Instructor will tailor a program for your; body type, stature, age, sex, physical fitness level, temperament and goals. You Can Specialize in the area of Martial Arts or Self defence that interests you.; Proactive offer specialist Instructors to cover your needs. From; Modern weapons, Muay Thai MTK, Boxing, MMA, Freestyle Karate (AFMA), XMA, Kali (Stick fighting), Grappling (Floor/Stand up), Fitness Training, and Weight Loss.

Your Highest Standard in the Shortest Possible Time: Proactive Instructors won’t let you pick up any bad habits because of poor instruction. In fact you will be constantly monitored and pushed to reach your best.

You Will Learn From a Highly Qualified Instructors: Proactive Instructors are qualified certificate level sports coach’s, with either a minimum of Black Belt, Pro Level MTK or ring experience. Professional instruction, Passionate martial artists.

Times Convenient to You: Proactive will do our best to give you a time or day convenient to you.

Versatility of Styles Available to You: Specialties include Self Defence, Freestyle Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali, Grappling and Weaponry. If proactive don’t cater for the style your after, we can find someone who does. If you are unsure about anything to do with Martial Arts, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.

Affordable Rates: Cost effective, especially when time and quality are important to you. If your on a budget, Your can share with a friend and half the cost. Great rates for private groups of friends or colleagues available on request.

Latest Equipment: The proactive academy is a world class purpose built facility, fully matted with over 20 various apparatus, Boxing ring, Mirrors, Viewing area & Pro-Shop. A wide variety of apparatus from traditional to modern high tech measured tools.

Proactive Member Benefits: By being a registered member you get access to discounted private training, as well as discounted Casual class and Open gym training to further supplement your skills. Proactive Instructors will put your needs first. They are safe, caring and responsible trainers who will get the very best from you. Make the difference to your life… start today.

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Branch-1 Address

4B-1 Tilak Nagar Metro Pillar No.499 Opp. Side, New Delhi , Delhi 110058

Branch-2 Address

Shop No. 11/22, double storey,Shivaji Marg,Block 2 , Tilak Nagar , New Delhi , Delhi 110058