Martial Arts Weapons :

Traditional Japanese and Chinese weapons such as Samurai Sword, Sai, Nunchaku, Long and Short Sticks, Tonfas, Throwing Knives, Bayoneted Rifles and the like are taught and practiced in Martial Arts Training.

Legal issues, however, have arisen with some of these weapons due to licensing and the lethal nature of the weapons. Therefore, weapon fighting is taught only to select students and is practiced under strict guidance and supervision.

If you are interested in learning weapon fighting, please ask a Martial arts Instructor at our centre.

Nunchaku, or Nunchuk:

Members are also trained in the art of the Nunchaku, or Nunchuk for short. This training helps develop hand eye coordination along with an 'I Can Do It!' attitude. Students learn the history of the weapon while also learning fun and exciting techniques. Members receive specialized training once each week outside their regular martial arts class.



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