Black Belt 3th Dan.
MMA Profighter
(The President & Founder)

Trained over 15,000 People in New Delhi & NCR, India.

9 years experience in learning some different form of martial arts.

Karate, Mixed Martial Arts-MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-BJJ, Muaythai , Kickboxing, Boxing, Tai-chi, Taekwondo, Judo, Gymnastics, and Martial Arts Weapons. Gopi Roy is the founder (Chief Instructor) of MMA Tigers Martial Arts of Delhi, India and is also recognized as chief instructor of many other international organizations.

Gopi Roy was learning by the age of eight had already entered the disciplined and rigorous world of Japanese martial arts. Practicing daily, he pursued Shotokan(Karate) from the age of eight until he was fifteen; Kung fu (Chinese martial arts) from the ages of fifteen to eighteen, and Gymnastics from the ages of nine to eighteen and again started Shotokan(Karate) from the ages of eighteen to twenty one. He was also in touch with Indian wrestling by the age of eighteen to twenty one. learned Tai chi(Chinese martial arts) from the age of twenty one to twenty three.

He went to the Buddha Temple to learn Martial Arts when he was 8 years old and studied there until the age of 21. During this time he learned some different form of Martial arts. He learns combat techniques up to the age of 17 when he began to study the internal martial arts. A few years later he travelled in India to share knowledge with different masters of different styles and also teach and spread the Martial Arts is a way of life, and it is not exclusively for learning to fight but a journey as well. He has spent 26 years for practicing the martial arts and last 17 years, teaching to students who wish to learn martial arts.

In 1997 during the Dragon martial arts tournament he came first in the 70kg open fighting categories where the competitors are allowed to fight with the style of their choice. He also took part in many other competitions and got good achievement.



Branch-1 Address

4B-1 Tilak Nagar Metro Pillar No.499 Opp. Side, New Delhi , Delhi 110058

Branch-2 Address

Shop No. 11/22, double storey,Shivaji Marg,Block 2 , Tilak Nagar , New Delhi , Delhi 110058